She is one with the earth. And the earth is one with her.

I can't tell you in words what I feel when I see a balinese women, they just inspire me so much. They do everything with so much passion, living all those crazy balinese traditions with so much faith and love, praying 3 times a day, living in their feminine energy.

One tradition while a woman in Bali is pregnant is that she is "not allowed" to cut her hair till giving birth. And they also have a beautiful tradition when it comes to the baby's name : At the baby's ceremony, they write 3 names on small slips and light them. The name that burns at the end, becomes the name of the baby.

Have a look at beautiful Rina. She is an amazing vegetarian/vegan chef and did the menus of some famous restaurants here in Bali. And now she is waiting for her 3rd children to come earthside <3 It was such a honor to capture the most magical time of a this beautiful woman.

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